All Japan wushu taijiquan competition next week 全国大会 EN

Next week all Japan wushu tagjiquan competition - the biggest annual event for those who practices wushu in Japan takes place in Tokyo. Every year, finalists who got good results in regional competition (especially harsh ones at taijiquan compulsory category - due to a number of enrollment) gets together and compete. 

Lately wushu taijiquan is being picked up my media broadcasting, because they consider it as candidate of additional spots event at Tokyo Olympic Game. I suppose it'll be perfect timing to have big annual event as it is an opportunity to increase awareness to wider public.

Date and time
7/10, 7/11, 7/12
9:45-18:00 (could finish earlier/later)
entrance fee: 1000 yen (one-off payment for all program)

Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnagium 

Other than categories my friends participate, the following programs are what I am looking for and would not miss:

Optional routine - all event
long weapon (changquan nanquan) Friday 17:00-
short weapon (changquan nanquan) Saturday 13:00-15:00
Fist (changquan nanquan) Sunday 14:00-

Traditional wishu final Sunday 10:30-11:12

Group event Saturday 12:30-15:39

Dual event Sunday 11:12-12:16

Most of above my favorite programs use either no.1 or no.6 - two courts close to the entrance, so I normally take seat around, the 2nd level north wing. But if you like taijiquan I recommend seats in the middle. 
You can check out a whole program on jfwt (Japan Federation of Wushu Taijiquan) website in Japanese.

If you have free time next weekend in July, this is the place to go. I bet you encounter a new world of entertainment.